Monday, October 19, 2009

Hello again,

I haven't been able to get to a computer, so there is lots to tell you!!

It's been very cold and rainy this last week. While in Budapest I bundled up and stayed in Jean's backpack most of the time.

Budapest is a city of cats! Here you see a gigantic one, a lion. There are lions guarding the tower bridge. The time we walked over the bridge, it was so windy I almost got blown into the water. The lady in front of us did loose her hat.

Speaking of cat, we saw this very, very, very old Egyptian cat in one of the museums.

In Vienna, I had the special suprise of seeing Mozart and even played his violin. Somehow he wasn't very impressed.

On our way to Prague, we stopped in Slovakia, and I had a chance to talk with this famous guy Napoleon. He offered to give me a tour of France, but I decided to stay with my current tour.

Now I'm in Prague, and you wouldn't believe it, but it I saw snow on the way here. I really has been cold. Jean had kept me tucked into her backpack, so I'm OK. I might have to talk her into one of those scarves, or even a fur hat.
Well tomorrow we begin exploring Prague, some more castles. I wonder if I'll ever see that dragon?
Travel'n Tillie

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