Friday, October 23, 2009

In Prague, I met this guy, John Lennon, your mom and dad might know who he is!

As you can see, his face was painted on this "love wall" along with lots of other pictures and writing... "Imagine"

In Prague, we saw the largest square I've seen on the entire trip. We walked forever to get to the end of it! Jean says it's where something called the Velvet Revolution" happened. It would have taken LOTS of people to fill that entire square, that was really more a rectangle than a square.

"It's beginning to look a lot like London," ... no we haven't extended our stay and gone to London, but i sure would like to have ridden in one of these buses!!, and it seems like I would have had to make a stop over in London! I couldn't convince Jean that we should do that, somehow she was ready to be home!

We arrived sometime while it was dark... last night 11pm .or this morning, 5am, depending on which time you use! But I'm glad to be back in Richmond. Just a little weary of ridding in a back pack, and coming out in the cold. It sure is warm here!!

See you on Monday, and I've brought a friend with me!

Travel'n Tillie

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