Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday evening:
We have spent two days in Krakow, a town with castles, cathedrals, and some say dragons. I did see what looked like a dragon hatching from an egg today, hum, I wonder how big a dragon is when it hatches!

Today we took an elevator and went DOWN into the earth, to where people found salt... in the rocks. WOW, what amazing stuff!! They had to work really hard to get the rocks from so far down under the ground. Some people even carved statues out of the rock... amazing stuff!

Today in the park I saw the world biggest bubble ever! This guy had a huge bubble blower!!

It's been raining for two days, and I've had to stay in Jean's bag to stay warm. finally today we stopped and got the best hot chocolate. It was so thick, you could actually eat it with a spoon.

Tomorrow we leave Poland and go to Hungary. Wonder if I'll be extra hungary there??

Travel'n Tillie

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