Thursday, October 8, 2009

Philadelphia airport had a wonderful surprise for all you lego builders.. a huge bell made from legos. Anyone up for a challenge??
Was I ever glad to find our I didn't have to fly across the ocean, I got to ride inside a huge bird that took me over the ocean, and I wasn't even tired when we got to Poland, a little sleepy yes... I did get some sleep after I watched a movie. Yesterday I rode in Jean's backpack while she walked all over Warsaw! At one museum we saw this awesome vehicle, a Kocar, that was used in the Warsaw uprising. Wonder is someone could build one.
Talk about castles, there is an awesome on just across the street from our hotel. A man named Stalin, built it as a gift to the Polish people... they don't like it so much anymore. Now we are going to a concert, maybe we'll hear some music by a famous Polish composer, Chopin. We've already seen several statues to him. The weather has been wonderful, breezy and warm, just right for walk, which Jean seems to enjoy doing.

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